Module: Smart Data Collection for Sensor Networks

How to use the Tapis framework and its APIs to store and process streaming sensor data.

Prerequisite Modules

Python and Jupyter

Python and Jupyter

This module provides recommended readings and introductory tutorials on Python and Jupyter.

Learning Outcomes

You understand smart data collection



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Experiential Learning

1. Introduction to smart data collection for sensor networks

What is Tapis? What is the Streams API? What is Abaco?

2. Connecting to Jupyter

How do we deploy and access a Jupyter notebook server using Koa?

3. Installing Jupyter Libraries

How do we access Tapis using a Jupyter notebook within MANA?

4. Tapis Streams

How can we use the Streams API to mimick a real-world sensor network?

5. Tapis UI

How can we use Tapis UI to view sensor station data?


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Outcome(s) assessed: You understand smart data collection