Module: Scientific Software Basics

How to use the Koa command line (i.e. linux) to support basic file and data manipulation.

Learning Outcomes

You can perform basic command line functions


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Setting Up Koa

Create accounts on Koa, download sample file.

Experiential Learning

1. Icebreaker: What are you excited for?

What is everyone excited for

2. Introducing the Shell

What is a command shell and why would I use one?

3. Navigating Files and Directories

Navigating Files and Directories

4. Working With Files and Directories

Creating, Copying and Deleting Files

5. Pipes and Filters

Combining Existing Functions to do New Things

6. Loops

Looping Functions

7. Shell Scripts

Saving and Reusing Commands

8. Finding Things

Locating Files


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Outcome(s) assessed: You can perform basic command line functions