Module: High Performance Computing

How to utilize High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, such as Mana, for deep learning tasks.

Prerequisite Modules

Python and Jupyter

Python and Jupyter

This module provides recommended readings and introductory tutorials on Python and Jupyter.

Learning Outcomes

You understand basic HPC concepts


HI-DSI Code of Conduct

We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all people, regardless of background or identity.


A few things to check prior to this workshop

Experiential Learning

1. Ice Breaker: How do you use computing?

Tell your group about a current computing project.

2. What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?

What is an HPC System? What are the components of an HPC system?

3. Connecting to a remote HPC System

Understand how to connect to an HPC system and the basics of Open OnDemand

4. Launch a Jupyter Lab in Open OnDemand

Requesting computing resources on Koa

5. Install Modules and Setup an Environment

Create an environment and setup a Python kernel

6. Deep learning CPU vs GPU

A basic Deep Learning tutorial on Koa

7. Staging and File System Choice

What is a file system? What is a distributed file system? How do you optimize the file system on Koa?


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Outcome(s) assessed: You understand basic HPC concepts