HI-DSI Data Fellows Expectations

This document outlines expectations for Hawaiʻi Data Science Institute (HI-DSI) Fellows during their appointment. This is a living document and may be updated as the year progresses.


If you are a new Fellow, please be sure to complete the onboarding experience as soon as possible. Headshots and bios are due no later than Friday, September 30, 2023 by 5:00pm.

Time Commitment

Fellows are expected to work approximately 20 hours per week. A Graduate Assistant (GA) on 11-month appointment will have one month of off-duty time, to be scheduled at a time mutually agreeable to the GA and faculty supervisor.

Fellows are expected to participate in Hawai‘i Data Science Institute efforts and events, in addition to the research efforts directed by their faculty supervisor.

HI-DSI efforts and events include fellows meetings, workshops, seminars, research showcases and a summer program. Fellows may be expected to attend other HI-DSI advertised events as schedules allow.


The meeting and events schedule for the academic year can be found at:


Fellows are expected to attend HI-DSI seminars, meetings, workshops and two end of the semester research showcases as scheduled. HI-DSI events will be held on Fridays from 2:00-4:00 pm for both the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters.

Hawaii Data Science Club

Fellows are expected to join and participate in the Discord server for the Hawai‘i Data Science Club: https://tinyurl.com/hawaiidatascienceclub

Fellows are expected to work with project leadership to attend meetings, prepare presentations, and provide input on outreach.

Research Showcases

Fellows will present a poster and/or oral presentation on their current research project at the Fall and Spring Research Showcase. Research showcases take place twice a year at the end of the semester. Dates and times are available on the meeting link posted above.

Each Fellow will be expected to prepare a 10-minute presentation related to their research project and be able to take questions from the attendees.

There will be two practice session meetings scheduled and the Fellows will do a quick overview of their presentation plans at this meeting.

The format will either be a 10-minute presentation (Spring) or a poster presentation (Fall) with a research presentation.

Showcase Guidelines:


All Fellows will develop, implement and deliver a workshop in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023. For instructions on how to develop a workshop, please see the Change-HI Workshop Development Chapter at:


All Fellows are expected to attend and participate in all workshops they are not developing.

CITRUS Summer Program Participation

Fellows will serve as near-peer mentors to a team of undergraduate students during a 4-week data science summer immersion program. This undergraduate program will be centered around completion of projects and modules by the undergraduate students. Fellows will be expected to serve as near-peer mentors, assist with workshops and help guide students with their research projects.

The estimated dates for 2023 are June 5th to 30th.

Fellows are expected to participate in the CITRUS summer program for approximately 15 hours per week at mentoring meetings and workshops for the duration of the program. Times will be assigned by the program coordinator.

Fellows will be expected to help and guide undergraduate students as they produce a data product through the data lifecycle, through to a presentation on the final day of the program.

This may involve one on one help with coding, or involve helping an undergraduate as requested by a Senior Mentor or Professor.

More information will be provided prior to the start of the program.

Time and Commitment Conflicts

Please communicate with your Faculty Mentor now in order to find out whether you have any conflicts with respect to time or schedule. If any conflicts or issues arise with your research efforts and the Institute commitment including time commitment conflicts, please notify datasci@hawaii.edu as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Guidelines

All Fellows must adhere to current UH COVID-19 guidelines: