Module: How to create a professional portfolio

How to create a professional portfolio using TechFolios.

Learning Outcomes

You understand professional portfolio design and implementation


Gather portfolio materials

Get ready for the Techfolios workshop

TechFolios Reference Guide

Documentation on TechFolios

Experiential Learning

1. Ice Breaker: What keeps you up at night?

Tell your group about a (professional) problem

2. Introduction to Professional Portfolios and TechFolios

What are professional portfolios? Why use TechFolios?

3. What is a high quality portfolio

Characteristics of a high quality portfolio

4. TechFolios Quick Start: Initialization

Create an initial version of your portfolio repo

5. TechFolios and GitPod

Learn how to speed up portfolio development using GitPod

6. Choose your own adventure

Work on whatever part of your portfolio you want


Help us assess this workshop

Provide feedback to the workshop organizers

Outcome(s) assessed: You understand workshop design and implementation