Module: Design and Implementation of Workshops

How to create a workshop using the Morea Framework.

Learning Outcomes

You understand workshop design and implementation


Get ready for the Morea Workshop

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Morea Reference Guide

Documentation on the Morea System

Workshop Design Checklist

Heuristics for high quality workshop designs

Experiential Learning

1. Ice Breaker

Climate Change Model

2. Introduction to Workshop Development using Morea

What are workshops? How are they different from seminars?

3. Workshop Setup

Set up a local copy of the Workshop repo

4. Workshop Development, Part 1

Unlock the Best Ever Recipe workshop

5. Workshop Development, Part 2

Document your choice for the Best Ever Recipe

6. Workshop Development, Part 3

Commit your changes and make a pull request

7. Workshop Demos

Let’s see who has the best recipe

8. What's Next?

How to apply your workshop design and implementation skills in future

9. Pick your workshop

Provide your preferences for the workshop you will present this year.


Help us assess this workshop

Provide feedback to the workshop organizers

Outcome(s) assessed: You understand workshop design and implementation